Title 39 Public Finance
Subtitle III. General Laws on State Debt
Chapter 17. Louisiana Procurement Code
Part VII Intergovernmental Relations
39:1701: Definitions of terms used in this Part


(1)     "Cooperative purchasing" means procurement conducted by or on behalf of more than one public procurement unit or by a public procurement unit with an external procurement activity or by a private procurement unit.

(2)     "External procurement activity" means any buying organization not located in this state which, if located in this state, would qualify as a public procurement unit. An agency of the United States government is an external procurement activity.

(3)     "Local public procurement unit" means any parish, city, town, governmental body, and any other subdivision of the state or public agency thereof, public authority, public educational, health, or other institution, and to the extent provided by law, any other entity which expends public funds for the acquisition or leasing of supplies, services, major repairs, and construction, and any nonprofit corporation operating a charitable hospital.

(4)     "Private procurement unit" means any independent institution of higher education in this state.

(5)     "Public procurement unit" means either a local public procurement unit or a state public procurement unit.

(6)     "State public procurement unit" means the central purchasing agency and any other purchasing agency of this state.

39:1702: Cooperative purchasing authorized; participation in Federal General Services Administration vendor list

A. (1) Any public procurement unit may either participate in, sponsor, conduct, or administer a cooperative purchasing agreement for the acquisition of any supplies, services, major repairs, or construction with one or more public procurement units or external procurement activities or one or more private procurement units in accordance with an agreement entered into between the participants. Such cooperative purchasing may include but is not limited to joint or multi-party contracts between public procurement units and open-minded state public procurement unit contracts which are made available to local public procurement units.

39:1704. Cooperative use of supplies or services

Any public procurement unit may enter into an agreement, independent of the requirements of Part III of this Chapter or Title 38, with any other public procurement unit or external procurement activity for the cooperative use of supplies or services, under the terms agreed upon between the parties.

Louisiana Constitution
Article 7.14 (C)

Cooperative Endeavors: 

For a public purpose, the state and its political subdivisions or political corporations may engage in cooperative endeavors with each other, with the United States or its agencies, or with any public or private association, corporation, or individual.

Revised Statutes
TITLE 38:3383: Cooperative Endeavors

Any state agency, any parish or municipal governing authority, any regional governing authority, and the governing authority of any airport or deep draft or shallow draft port may engage in one or more cooperative endeavors under the provisions of Article VII, Section 14(C) of the Constitution of Louisiana, among themselves for the purposes of this Chapter.