North Carolina

North Carolina

Chapter 160A. Cities and Towns
ARTICLE 20 Interlocal Cooperation
Part 1 Joint Exercise of Powers
160A-460. Definitions

[**Update notice: This section has been amended by S.L. 2001-78 SESSION 2001 - HOUSE BILL 880.] 

This amendment is not included in the definitions below because it authorizes certain counties in North Carolina to transfer septic tanks, thus is not applicable to purchasing. Does not change the definition under Section 2. [JFH] The words defined in this section shall have the meanings indicated when used in this Part: 

(1) "Undertaking" means the joint exercise by two or more units of local government, or the contractual exercise by one unit for one or more other units, of any power, function, public enterprise, right, privilege, or immunity of local government. 
(2) "Unit," or "unit of local government" means a county, city, consolidated city-county, local board of education, sanitary district, facility authority created under Part 4 of this Article, or other local political subdivision, authority, or agency of local government.

160A-461. Interlocal cooperation authorized

Any unit of local government in this State and any one or more other units of local government in this State or any other state (to the extent permitted by the laws of the other state) may enter into contracts or agreements with each other in order to execute any undertaking. The contracts and agreements shall be of reasonable duration, as determined by the participating units, and shall be ratified by resolution of the governing board of each unit spread upon its minutes.

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143-129. Procedure for letting of public contracts

(e) Exceptions. — The requirements of this Article do not apply to: 

(3) Purchases made through a competitive bidding group purchasing program, which is a formally organized program that offers competitively obtained purchasing services at discount prices to two or more public agencies.