Through our team dedicated to government clients, Fiserv empowers public agencies from the smallest municipalities to the federal government to lower payment costs, secure their transactions and improve back office efficiency through a suite of merchant processing solutions. In addition, our wide range of security solutions completely remove valuable data from payment environments to reduce the scope of PCI compliance and maintain the trust of your constituents.


Fiserv’s core merchant processing services include:

Full-Service Credit Card Processing Services

Fiserv will work with you to optimize your payment environment. We continue to be a leader in payments processing, leading the industry in credit card processing, debit for e-commerce, ACH processing, currency solutions, e-payments, and so much more. We authorize and settle transactions for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, all Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) networks, and all debit networks. We also support Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit. Whether collecting or refunding taxes, license fees, tuition, unemployment, etc we have a payment solution.

Unique Government Payment Options

1. Managed Convenience Fees for Credit Cards

We offer comprehensive guidance and ongoing support of compliant procedures for the assessing and processing of managed convenience fees. Our team will do a custom rate review on your behalf as a part of the cost analyses. The managed convenience fee is an all-inclusive cost outside of devices that is covered by a fee percentage. If implemented, the public agency will not incur gateway fees, transaction fees, or interchange and assessment fees charged by the card brands.

2. Government Interchange Programs for Credit Cards

Fiserv participates in the Visa Government and Education Payment Program. Through this program, we will register qualifying agencies to ultimately be allowed to assess variable service fees and rate programs in the card-present and card-not-present environments resulting in significant savings on card processing to public agencies.

3. ACH and e-Check Processing

TeleCheck services allow you to accept ACH payments with less risk and a higher level of protection against fraudulent and returned checks. TeleCheck uses leading risk assessment technology and extensive check writer negative and activity databases to evaluate the risk of accepting a check. Our database contains data on 98 percent of all point of sale (POS) check writers and is the largest in the industry, resulting in the highest acceptance rate in the industry. Using leading risk assessment technology and the nation’s most complete database of check-writer history, TeleCheck evaluates and advises whether to accept or decline a transaction so you can close a sale instantly. With warranty service option, you are protected against bad check losses—giving you peace of mind.

4. Security

Our experience with Government and Education offers a wide range of security measures that will protect you from the damage of a security breach while helping you meet PCI compliance standards. We support end-to-end encryption and tokenization with multi-pay tokens. With our encryption and tokenization tools, your data is protected inflight and at rest, providing protection for your customers and significantly reducing your PCI scope.

5. Fraud

Our Fraud Detect solution, a loss prevention platform for e-commerce, is an integrated, intuitive, cutting edge fraud detection and analytics tool that can address total loss prevention needs for payment and non-payment fraud. Powered by machine learning models, Fraud Detect helps detect more fraud than conventional rules based e-commerce fraud solutions and enables public agencies to save time and thousands of dollars in potential losses.

Innovative Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Fiserv Hardware Services provides the latest POS devices to assist your pursuit of PCI compliance while offering your customers the most complete and secure payment options available today. With a full complement of PCI-certified and EMV-enabled devices, Fiserv enables public agencies to accept payments securely, reliably and effectively without the hassles and costs of PCI non-compliance. Clover is the smart, customized POS management system that makes every aspect of business easier. Public agencies are empowered with the latest technologies, prepared for the future and ready to harness the power of data in one device. Public agencies get the power of Clover security and Clover grants instant access to a growing app marketplace filled with dozens of powerful tools to empower businesses. Terminals and Compatible gateways

Fiserv owns and maintains multiple terminals and gateways and there are hundreds of third-party gateways that are certified to our processing platforms. We offer agencies basic and advanced gateway solutions that support many common features and functionality critical to success.

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