Fleetwood is a manufacturer of mobile and collaborative furniture for the classroom, office and beyond. Fleetwood has been an industry leader and has been an advocate of the flexible classroom for over half a century. We specialize in mobile casework, student desks, computer labs, science labs, media centers, music rooms and everything in-between. Our patented Illusions brand mobile casework has truly taken the market to a new level with its limitless configurations and designs. In today’s ever changing classroom and school environment, collaboration and high impact learning environments have become a tried and tested philosophy in increasing learning retention and increasing attention span. Our product line supports the 21st century environment’s needs in today’s curriculum and custom environments. In addition, we fully support room layouts, design consultation, and CAD/3D renderings.

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Awarded Vendor:
Fleetwood Group

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Region 14 ESC

Contract Term:
6 year term, October 1, 2015 to October 31, 2021
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

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RFP for Furniture

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Fleetwood Group's Response to RFP

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Region 14 Award Letter

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1st Renewal Letter

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Vendor Contact

Drew Ericks
11832 James Street
Holland, MI 49424
(616) 820-8270


Add Some Class
Tim McCrory
1110 Plum Tree Lane
Penryn, CA. 95663

One Workplace
Brandon Thomas
2500 De La Cruz Blvd
Santa Clara, CA. 
Ph: (415) 902-6664