Mathspace is the most advanced adaptive math program in the world today. Mathspace is the world’s first math program allowing students to show all of their work, for every step of every math question, while writing naturally with their finger or stylus on a tablet. By grading work throughout the problem solving process, Mathspace’s StepSmart Technology guides the student through each step of the solution with hints, videos, and other valuable math resources. Data is collected as students receive feedback at every step of every problem; not just at the final answer. Mathspace gives students immediate formative feedback at a more granular level than simple multiple-choice programs, which are programmed simply to note right or wrong for the final answer.

All student data is reported to teachers and administrators in intuitive dashboards that facilitate differentiated instruction and allow teachers to give focused and timely support to individuals or groups of students.

In terms of implementation and professional development, Mathspace has a highly customized and collaborative approach, working with District leaders, to develop and plan implementation and training activities. As part of this collaboration, Mathspace provides a catalog of professional development workshops, focusing on implementing best practices, data interpretation and application along with strategies for differentiating instruction. The workshops give teachers insight into how to incorporate Mathspace seamlessly into their classroom with fidelity.

Mathspace also incorporates the world’s smartest adaptive learning engine, driven by more data than any other math program. Mathspace collects data at every step of every question to better support personalized learning and student-centered learning pathways; more than any other math program.

Mathspace offers a digital curriculum, containing full lessons for 3rd grade through to Precalculus program. In addition, the Mathspace digital textbook includes over 8,000 instructional videos, project based-learning activities and interactive manipulatives and widgets. Every feature of this textbook is designed to deepen conceptual understanding using engaging, multi-modal formats.

Mathspace is compatible on all platforms and devices, including Chromebooks, laptops, desktops, iPads, tablets (Android and Windows), iPhones and smartphones (Android).

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STEM Project Based Learning Resources and Instruction

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Region 14 ESC

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3 year term, April 2, 2018 to April 30, 2021
*Option to renew for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.

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RFP for STEM Project Based Learning Resources and Instruction

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Mathspace's Response to RFP

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Region 14 Award Letter

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Daniel Tu-Hoa
SVP North America
(718) 510-2582

Dr. Tracey Lee Shelley
Head of Customer Operations
(816) 786-0501